Business Tweets

Sideways management: giving team purpose & sense of direction but leaving team members free to follow their intuition #leadership

Employees must see that their work activities are helping them to achieve their personal goals

Every frustrated employee with high need for achievement is a potential competitor!

Live by your values and encourage others to live by theirs #leadership

Interesting distraction!!!!

Managers mistake to believe that all employees will their work assignments and rewards in the same way #leadership #Management

Inch by inch … Keep calm and carry on

Managers who don’t recognise the hope 4 the future in their employees fail to seize a most powerful source of employee #motivation

Executives don’t think about tools they think about results.

Employee loyalty & great performance spring from supervisors who demonstrate real concern for well-being of subordinates #leadership

Reward performance & productivity, not “face time” spent working #leadership #Management

“@ValaAfshar: Leadership is a service not a rank. – @simonsinek” #leadership

Don’t be confident that the other side of the grass is greener

Everything is negotiable

Sales will not fix everything

How #CXO thinks … Faster … Cheaper … Better #business #strategy

If your leadership keep on accepting IT as a black box you’re in trouble – in search of business value #ITstrategy

Communication is a huge part of a cultural change #strategy #changemanagement

Effective communication doesn’t just go one way, it is a two way street.

Employee needs to see his career line of sight to stay motivated #motivation #management

Business process is a series of steps if followed it will create a chain of cause and effect leads u to ur targets #business

Whenever u come across something new u must ask What is it? & What can I do with it? #business #think

@ValaAfshar: success = competence + confidence.

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” – Bill Gates

“Technology provides no benefits of its own. It is the application of technology to business opportunities that produces ROI” – Robert McDowell, In Search of Business Value



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