Scheherazade, 1001 Nights – Ultimate Imagination Music

It is really amazing listening to Shahrzad music from 1001 nights (موسيقى شهرذاد من الف ليلة و ليلة) story. It makes me feel happy and change my mode. You can feel the story in it even without watching actors or ballet dancers.

Scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov)
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For other uses, see Scheherazade (disambiguation).

Scheherazade Went on with Her Story, illustration from Arabian Nights (1928) by Virginia Frances Sterret.
Sheherazade (Scheherazade; Russian: Шехерезада, Shekherezada in transliteration), Op. 35, is a symphonic suite composed by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov in 1888. Based on The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, sometimes known as The Arabian Nights,[1] this orchestral work combines two features common to Russian music and of Rimsky-Korsakov in particular: dazzling, colourful orchestration and an interest in the East, which figured greatly in the history of Imperial Russia, as well as orientalism in general. It is considered Rimsky-Korsakov’s most popular work.[2] The music was used in a ballet by Michel Fokine. This use of the music was denounced by the Rimsky-Korsakov estate, led by the composer’s widow, Nadezhda Rimskaya-Korsakova.[3]


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